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Real Estate Litigation

Austin real estate litigation attorney - Residential Homes

For an individual or a business, real estate is most often the most significant asset in their portfolio. When disputes arise, it is therefore imperative a resolution is arrived at as quickly as possible. However, many real estate matters are complex and involve a range of different legal areas as well as multiple parties. It is important to look to an experienced Austin real estate litigation attorney to protect your interests.

The Parties

Of course individuals or businesses that purchase real estate may be involved in disputes, but others an Austin real estate litigation attorney represent include:

  • Commercial landlords
  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Lenders
  • Title insurers

Builders & Contractors

Nunis & Associates represents builders and contractors with issues regarding mechanic & material mans’ liens and payment disputes.  They also represent builders and contractors in matters of alleged defective construction.

The Issues

Common themes an Austin real estate litigation attorney cites as leading to potential litigation are:

  • Irregularities in a transaction
  • Errors on title
  • Buyer and seller disputes
  • Leases
  • Boundary disputes
  • Zoning issues
  • Disputes among investors
  • Eminent domain and easements

The Real Estate Contract

Every real estate transaction has a real estate contract that forms the foundation of the deal. It is an oversimplification to suggest most real estate disputes are essentially contract disputes, but how well the contract is written and how enforceable it is when a dispute arises are fundamental to a resolution.

The Role of an Austin Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Not all real estate disputes end up in a Texas court room; in fact most do not. It is, however, important to have an experienced Austin real estate litigation attorney represent you if it is necessary to pursue a lawsuit. A complete understanding of the issues is necessary before it can be determined whether negotiation or mediation can provide a productive outcome that will allow all parties to move forward. Additionally, many real estate contracts contain an arbitration clause that may make arbitration mandatory before either party proceeds with litigation.

Contact an Austin Real Estate Litigation Attorney for Legal Advice

Much is at stake in most real estate transaction and the multiple parties each have different interests. Protect your interest by retaining an experienced, knowledgeable Austin real estate litigation attorney. For any questions concerning real estate transactions, call Nunis & Associates at (512) 236-9696.

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