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Business Litigation

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When dealing with consumer, employment, and business disputes, it’s critical to have an experienced Austin business litigation attorney on your side. At Nunis & Associates, our attorneys have decades of experience handling cases in a variety of different areas.

Contract Litigation

Nunis & Associates can help if you have a breach of contract claim. We can pursue avenues to try and secure performance of your contract or potential claims for damages if performance is no longer possible or desired.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

In the case of shareholders and partners, your Austin Business Litigation Attorney can help you hold the other party accountable for misconduct, breach of duty and other disputes.  Nunis & Associates also represents clients in corporate, LLC, and LLP disputes.

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes can happen for a variety of reasons from wrongful termination to issues involving compensation or terms of employment. An Austin business litigation attorney can review the facts of your case and help you understand state and federal law that may protect you. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf to try and work toward a resolution.

Collections Matters

If you have secured a money judgment, the next step is working to get paid. Collections actions can be a frustrating process. At Nunis & Associates, we can help you initiate a collections action for unpaid debts. There are a variety of collections tools that may be at your disposal such as seizure of a debtor’s property or wage and other asset garnishment. Your attorney can help you aggressively pursue satisfaction of your unpaid debts.

Seek Legal Assistance From An Austin Business Litigation Attorney

Trust your case to an Austin business litigation lawyer who can aggressively defend your case in court. To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with a premier Austin Business Litigation Attorney from Nunis & Associates, call (512) 236-9696.

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