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Contract Disputes

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Contracts provide the basis for most business relationships. When parties comply with the contract terms, business continues to operate smoothly and predictably. If not, business operations can be disrupted and it can cost you money. Find out from an Austin contract disputes attorney the best way to protect your interests when there is a contract dispute.

A Strategic Approach

Not every contract dispute will end up in a Texas courtroom. Although a knowledgeable Austin contract disputes attorney will prepare each case as if it were heading for a trial that may not be in the best interest of the client. This is especially true if the parties have a desire or compelling interest in working together in the future. Options such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration should be considered as preliminary alternatives to resolve the matter. If those methods prove fruitless, it will be necessary to evaluate the strength of your case.

Types of Contract Breach

Not every contract breach is the same. An Austin contract disputes attorney can explain the three primary types are:

  • Material breach
  • Minor breach
  • Anticipatory repudiation

Material Breach

A breach that is material is one that goes to the heart of the bargain; it is fundamental to the purpose of the contract. The non-breaching party can immediately stop their performance under the contract and file a suit for damages.

Minor Breach

Although not in strict adherence to contract terms, a minor breach does not permit the non-breaching party to suspend performance. They must complete their duties under the contract but can seek damages due to the minor breach.

Anticipatory Repudiation

This is where one party indicates either through words or actions an intention not to perform under the contract. If the repudiation is unequivocal, the non-breaching party can immediately file suit.

Contact an Austin Contract Disputes Attorney for Legal Advice

If you are in business, it is all but inevitable you will be involved in a contract dispute. If you need information about your rights to pursue damages under a breach of contract or concerned about your exposure in defending one, call an Austin Contract Disputes Attorney from Nunis & Associates at (512) 236-9696.

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