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If you have unpaid debts, an Austin collections attorney can walk you through the legal methods available to secure payment. Debt collections can be a frustrating process, but a skilled attorney can help you streamline it.

Securing a Money Judgment

If you are a creditor with an unpaid debt, the first step in pursing collections is to obtain a court order for payment. The money judgment is issued by the court if you prevail in the underlying lawsuit. At Nunis & Associates, we assist clients with their business and contract litigation needs as well. Once you have your money judgment, your Austin collections attorney will discuss your options for collecting on it.

Finding Collectable Assets

In many cases, the trickiest part of collections is finding the debtor’s collectable assets. Your legal team at Nunis & Associates can advise you of various techniques to do that. Collectable assets must be owned by the debtor listed in your money judgment and in the case of secured property, it’s important to understand your priority for payment. Let your attorney show you how.

Asset Garnishment & Seizure

Garnishment is one of the principle weapons in the judgment creditor’s arsenal. Your Austin collections attorney can explore options for securing payment of an individual debtor’s account or other assets such as bank accounts, investment accounts, and tax refunds. If the debtor is a business entity, seizure of business assets may be the next step.

Property Seizure

Your Austin collections attorney can help you determine what property your debtor has that is subject to collections. Obtaining a timely seizure order is critical to ensure you preserve your priority for payment. Your attorney can investigate any other liens on the property and how they may impact your claim. Vehicles and real property tend to be the least collectible due to the mortgage holders and other secured creditors that the law protects first. Your attorney can investigate other suitable property that may be legally seized in payment of your debt.

Contact An Austin Collections Attorney

To speak to an experienced Austin collections attorney who knows how to aggressively pursue debt collections, contact Nunis & Associates. To make an appointment for an initial consultation, call (512) 236-9696.



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