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Understanding How to Keep Conflict to a Minimum in a Divorce

Austin divorce attorney gavel and ringsWhen involved in a divorce, keeping conflict to a minimum is an important part of trying to settle the case amicably and move on. A seasoned Austin divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Nunis & Associates explains how.

Alter the Communication Tactics

If you’re getting divorced, it’s clear that the previous methods didn’t work. Trying something different can be a positive.

Remember the Desired Outcome

There are certain things that you will want to accomplish in your divorce. Keep them in mind and think about what you need to say to achieve your goals. Writing these down can help. Use language that is based on solutions.

Think of Methods to Stay Calm Prior to Talking

Whatever techniques work for you such as going outside for a moment, counting to 10 or taking five deep breaths can be effective. Think about whether the issue making you angry is worth the trouble it can cause if you react.

Listen to Your Spouse

Make sure you understand where your spouse is coming from before reacting.

Don’t Interrupt Your Spouse

Wait until he or she is finished speaking before responding.

Be Empathetic

Even if you disagree, showing empathy can go a long way toward keeping the peace.

Contact a Qualified Austin Divorce Attorney

If you have questions about how to minimize conflict during a divorce, call an Austin divorce attorney at Nunis & Associates at (512) 236-9696 today.

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