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Problems with Shared-Parenting Plans

Austin family attorneys  - Gavel and BookA parenting plan is an order from a family court that addresses how children will be raised when a marriage ends. They can be simple or complex and cover a single issue or many topics. However, our Austin family attorneys have found that court-ordered parenting plans often are not effective because too many unforeseeable issues arise.

Job changes, sick children, scheduling conflicts and numerous other problems can prevent parents from complying with a parenting plan. In addition, a judge cannot make an individual become a good parent. They cannot teach a person basic character qualities such as kindness, courtesy, respect or integrity. All of these must be employed when it comes to shared parenting.

Why Shared Parenting Fails

Shared parenting does not succeed for two basic reasons. One parent might not have accepted that the marriage has ended and might still be angry about the divorce. They will communicate their anger to their child even if they try to remain calm. Parents might struggle with changing their role to a single person. The best solution for the children is to keep anger out of the equation. In some cases, the child might need to see a counselor or behavioral specialist.

Our Austin Family Attorneys Seek the Child’s Best Interests

Parents who work to resolve their anger can share parenting more effectively, despite the wording of a parenting plan. However, the plan should work toward the best interests of the child. For example, an infant will not benefit from shared parenting.

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