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Formulating a Post-Divorce Contact Schedule with Children

Family Law Attorney Austin TXYour family law attorney at Nunis & Associates in Austin Texas can assist you with crafting a visitation schedule with children following a divorce.

Important Factors to Consider When Planning a Contact Schedule

A family law attorney at Nunis & Associates in Austin Texas will tell you that the following should be considered when planning visitation schedules and deciding how to share time:

  1. A set schedule is better. It might not be clear that a set schedule is important, but as time passes, the dealings with the other parent can grow strained. With that, it is better to be fully prepared. If the relationship is amicable, the schedule can be altered by agreement based on the circumstances.
  2. Think about scheduling and parenting during the marriage and try to adjust after the divorce. For the good of the children, try to decide whether the same schedule that was used during the marriage can still work after the divorce. If not, change it accordingly. The children should be the main focus especially if they are young.
  3. In general, a minor child will be better off when in regular contact with both parents after the marriage has ended. A parent who is against the other parent being in contact and spending time with the child must show why this will be in the child’s best interests. Some of the factors considered in deciding to restrict or deny a parent access are whether there is drug or alcohol abuse, family violence, a parent’s mental health, risk of parental alienation or if the parent places the child at risk or otherwise acts in a manner that is not in the child’s best interest.
  4. It is important for both parents to take part in time for recreation and time to be responsible. A family law attorney at Nunis & Associates in Austin, TX will tell you that baring one of the factors listed above, children should be involved in various activities in both homes. Some should be entertaining and others should be based in responsibility. For example, taking the child to the park and making certain that the child performs such chores as cleaning their room are equally important.

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