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Parental Behavior During Divorce

Austin divorce attorneys parent and childHow parents behave has a significant impact on how emotionally adjusted their children will be after divorce. It is important for children to maintain contact with both parents after divorce. Here are some guidelines from Austin divorce attorneys to help you to achieve consistent and continuing contact between both parents and the children.

The Children Come First

Your children must always come first. Ensure that their emotional needs are being met by making sure that they have ample opportunity to maintain contact with both parents. Frequent and continuing contact with both parents is important to your child’s development. Do not forget this fact by letting your personal emotions get in the way of your child’s needs.

Establish Traditions

Some of the most meaningful times in a child’s life are those participating in rituals. Learn a new skill together and establish holiday traditions. Try to share these traditions in each household.

Make a Calendar

Create a calendar that has different colors for each parent so that your child can easily see when he or she will be with each respective parent. Talk about the schedule with your child.

Be Polite

Contacts should be a positive experience for the children and the parents. The goal of this contact is to help children keep a positive relationship with their parents.

Schedule Activities

In your schedule of activities, be sure to plan routine tasks along with recreational experiences.

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