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Minimizing Conflict and Emotion

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How can a divorce not be emotional? Even if you’re certain it’s the proper step, it’s also a time of loss and grieving, especially if children are involved. Emotion, as natural and necessary as it is as a step in moving on and creating a new life, can be a great hindrance if it serves to create unnecessary conflict between you and your spouse. Austin divorce attorneys understand from experience how minimizing your own emotion and avoiding pushing buttons that will trigger an emotional response in your soon-to-be ex can be a very productive and money-saving way to approach your divorce proceedings.

Acknowledge Their Side of the Argument

Too often, people feel they are not being listened to or heard; this can be especially true when a couple has likely argued the same point repeatedly. Try saying “I know how you must feel,” and then paraphrase their point on the issue by saying something like, “So what you’re saying is…”

Say You Are Sorry

Even if you really don’t feel you have anything to be sorry for, hearing those words can take the edge off for a moment; this sometimes can be enough to facilitate the beginning of an agreement.

Emphasize the Positive and Downplay the Negative

You may wish to be further along in the process but realize it is a process. When things seem to be at an impasse, you might say, “Look at what we’ve accomplished so far, we’re doing well.”

Keep the Volume Low

Frustration can easily lead to raised voices, which can immediately halt progress. Avoid losing your temper and, if your spouse seems to be, try speaking slower and more calmly.


Neither party is going to get everything they want or think they deserve. Austin divorce attorneys will emphasize the importance of embracing that concept.

Know When to Take a Break

You’re not going to get everything resolved at once; many of the issues are complex and will take multiple sessions to resolve. Understand when you’ve accomplished enough for the day and realize there are some days when you won’t get much done at all.

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