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Helping a Child Cope with Divorce

Austin family lawyer - HomesWhen a couple divorces, they should focus on the needs of their children. While basic children’s necessities including shelter, clothing and food must be maintained, their emotional need for love and reassurance will only increase. They should be repeatedly told they are loved and creatively shown love as well. However, they do not need information on why parents are divorcing. Our Austin family lawyer recommends that you maintain structure and consistency to help them adapt to the changes that come with divorce.

Children Take Their Cues from Parents

Children will take their cues about a divorce from their parents. If the parents are stressed and difficult, the children will unravel as well. However, if a parent can rise to the challenge, despite their own emotional struggles, the child will be more confident. Our Austin family law firm can offer tips on ways to deal with stress.

The Importance of Stability for the Children

A child can regress during a divorce, so their development should be closely watched during this process. One example is in younger children who have been toilet trained. They could begin having accidents during the divorce. Once the situation stabilizes, the child should recover and overcome the issues. However, if a child demonstrates serious regression or violence towards others, they should see a counselor.

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