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Our Family Law Attorney Austin TX Offers Tips for a Difficult Divorce

Family Law Attorney Austin TXDivorce often leads to a grieving process, and our Austin family law attorney can help you to deal with it.

Understanding Grieving That Comes with a Divorce

Through interacting with people going through divorce on an almost daily basis, our Austin family law attorney knows that divorce can be one of the hardest things a person goes though. Grief is part of this process and the feelings can be very strong. According to psychologists, the stages of grief during a divorce are the following:

  1. Shock: “We’re getting a divorce? Why?”
  2. Denial: “This is a mistake. He’s not really going to divorce me. He’ll change his mind.”
  3. Anger: “After all we’ve been through, how can you ask for a divorce? Fine, if you want a divorce, you’re going to face the consequences and never have contact with the children again.”
  4. Negotiating: “Please, let’s try again. I can change. Let’s at least wait until the children are older.”
  5. Depression: “I give up. Just take everything and it doesn’t matter if I see the children.”
  6. Acceptance: “I finally see that the marriage is over. I’ll start my life again and move on.”

Dealing with the Grief of a Divorce

It is perfectly normal to experience grief. Our family law attorney will tell you that it is possible to get through it, and we are here to help. It’s important to remember that everyone will get through their grief in their own time and it cannot be rushed. Many will experience the grieving process by going back and forth through different stages. An example of this might be a husband whose wife tells him that he is not going to be able to see the children on a holiday that they usually spent together. This could lead to the man moving from acceptance back to depression or anger. He will have to begin again in the process. Some might get to a stage in the grieving process and stagnate. It is important to consider an expert in divorce matters to help you get through the stages.

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