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Calculating Child Support

Divorce Decree - family attorney in austinA family attorney in Austin can explain that the Child Support Enforcement Act was established to ensure that individual states would develop guidelines that focused on the parents’ ability to pay support for their children. Each state has its own unique set of guidelines that courts use to establish procedures for establishing and calculating child support.

Child Support Formula

Texas uses a child support formula that bases the amount of child support that a person pays off of the non-custodial parent’s net income. The percentage increases with each child. For example, for one child, a person is obligated to pay 20 percent of his or her net income. For six or more children, at least 40 percent of the net income should be ordered. Net income includes all forms of income that the individual has, but it does not include a new spouse’s income, accounts receivable, or benefits paid in accordance with a public welfare program. Net income specifically excludes Social Security taxes, federal income states, state income taxes, union dues, and the child’s health insurance.

Factors That Affect Child Support

Our Austin child custody attorney believes there are several factors that can affect the amount of child support that a person pays. For example, if a person is supporting another individual, the amount of child support ordered may decrease. However, if the child is disabled or requires a larger portion of medical expenses than an average child, the person may be required to pay more in child support. Other factors include the child’s standard of living before the divorce, the needs of the child, and the circumstances of the parents. Our family attorney in Austin will remind you that parents may be required to submit affidavits with the court related to the parties’ financial circumstances and ability to pay support. In such reports, each parent must usually provide details about his or her income and expenses.

Legal Assistance from a Family Attorney in Austin

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