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Construction Defects

Austin Construction Defect Attorney - Construction Helmet

Construction defects can result in serious personal injury to occupants of a building and significant financial loss to the building owner. Because the issues are complex and difficult to prove in such cases, you will need an experienced Austin construction defect attorney to investigate the cause.

Types of Construction Defects

Any number of problems can occur in the construction of a building, but common issues an Austin construction defect attorney report include:

  • Poor workmanship; almost every product used in the construction of a building requires a trained professional who precisely follows the manufacturer’s instruction. Even high quality materials may fail to perform their intended purpose if applied with poor workmanship.
  • Defective materials; a defective material issue may arise if the product itself was flawed or if a sub-standard product was used for a purpose it was not intended for.
  • Defective design; a design defect is one where the materials used and the workmanship employed were proper, but the design itself was the reason for the defect.

Unfair Business Practices

In some cases, the legal theory your Austin construction defect attorney will use to prove liability will be based on unfair business practices. Examples include a failure on the part of a construction company to investigate a complaint about a defect or to acknowledge one when the evidence points to such a conclusion. A failure to disclose known defects in design, materials or workmanship can lead to significant injuries and damages.

Signs of Defects

While some construction defects are obvious, many are not readily discernible initially. Some signs to look for, especially in a newer building less than three years old are window leaks, roof leaks, stained or cracking drywall, difficulty operating windows or doors, cracked foundations or slabs and standing water in basements or crawl spaces.

Contact an Austin Construction Defect Attorney for Legal Advice

If you have any reason to suspect the building you are living in or own has a construction defect, you need to learn the facts and explore your options. Call the experienced Austin Construction Defect Attorney of Nunis & Associates at (512) 236-9696.

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