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Child Support

Austin child support lawyer - Mother and Daughter

Texas law allows the court to order either or both parents to support a child until the child is 18 years of age or graduates high school. The law also has established support guidelines which are the basis for determining the actual dollar amount that is to be paid. However, as an Austin child support lawyer can best explain, the court can and does employ numerous factors that result in support orders that deviate from the basic guidelines.

Basic Child Support

The first consideration is the net income of the parent who is ordered to pay child support, who as an Austin child support lawyer will tell you, is legally known as the obligor. The obligor’s gross income from all sources, including, but not limited to, wages, salary, self-employment income, rental income, pensions, and disability is reduced by federal and state taxes, social security tax, union dues and the health insurance paid for the child to arrive at the net monthly income. Based on that amount and the number of children involved, a percentage of the net income is due as support.

Calculating the Percentage

Based on the number of children in the household, the following percentages apply:

  • One child, 20% of the net income
  • Two children, 25%
  • Three children 30%
  • Four children 35%
  • Five children, 40%
  • Six or more children, no less than 40%

Courts will typically base the child support of the first $7500 of the obligor’s net income but can award more than the above percentages if specific needs of the child are not being met by the basis support level.

Other Considerations

If an obligor is intentionally unemployed or under-employed, the court has the power to impute an income. An Austin child support lawyer cites as relevant factors the income the obligor made prior to the marital dissolution and when that changed. The courts also have a wide range of enforcement options if an obligor becomes delinquent on child support payments.

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