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An Austin Divorce Attorney Discusses “Palimony”

Nunis and Associates Couples who have a marriage recognized under Texas law have certain legal rights and responsibilities if that marriage dissolves; but what about partners who separate after having lived together for an extended period of time without entering into a marriage? An experienced Austin divorce attorney will often field inquiries about “palimony,” which…

Austin Divorce Lawyers Can Help Parents Avoid Damaging Children During Divorce

Battling between parents is not only upsetting during a divorce, but it can be harmful for the children. The amount of conflict in a divorce negatively impacts children’s chances for a productive and positive future. Austin divorce lawyers can help divorcing parents work together to create a plan for their children.

Austin Family Lawyers Understand Common Divorce Mistakes

Ending a marriage is usually not easy, but mature individuals realize they should try to avoid conflict, especially if children are involved. Ten mistakes that a person makes during a divorce can easily derail these plans and cause serious problems. Couples might avoid these by retaining the services of qualified Austin family lawyers.

Austin Child Support Lawyer Discusses Issues in Collecting Back Due Child Support

Nunis and Associates If your former spouse was ordered to pay child support after a divorce, collecting it can present special issues. An Austin child support lawyer can explain the wide variety of legal options available to you.  Basic Enforcement of a Child Support Order As your Austin child support lawyer can explain, when a…

An Austin Domestic Abuse Lawyer Answers Tough Domestic Violence Questions

Domestic violence can take many forms. In most cases, the root motivation for your abuser is having a feeling of control over you. If you’re the object of domestic violence, an Austin domestic abuse lawyer can help you. What Your Austin Domestic Abuse Lawyer Can Tell You About Domestic Violence Abusers often wish to control the…

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