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Our Austin Child Support Lawyer Discusses Factoring in Retirement Income

Nunis and Associates Our Austin child support lawyer can explain that current and future income may be considered during a divorce or child custody hearing. Here are a few factors that can affect the value of the retirement plan. Pensioner’s Age The expert evaluating the value of the plan will use the pensioner’s age to determine…

Our Austin Divorce Lawyers Discuss Divorce and Retirement Accounts

Austin divorce lawyers can explain that expert witnesses are sometimes needed to help evaluate the value of a pension or other retirement account. Additionally, such individuals may provide an opinion giving a variety of alternatives, such as how much the account will be valued at given different retirement ages. Necessary Information In order to get…

Your Austin Divorce Attorney Discusses the Consequences of Not Paying Alimony

Have you thought about what will happen if you refuse to pay your court-ordered alimony to your former spouse? Though you might not think it fair or think your spouse doesn’t deserve that much, the fact is when the court orders you to pay alimony, you are legally obligated to do so. Refusing to pay…

Our Austin Divorce Attorney Explains the Power of Prenuptial Agreements

When an Austin divorce attorney prepares a prenuptial agreement, he or she must do it in a way that looks for potential pitfalls in the future. The prenuptial agreement should be drafted in a manner that it can withstand challenges to it in court. Approach The Austin divorce attorney who is responsible for drafting the…

Collaborative Divorce

Nunis and Associates Your Austin divorce attorney may speak with you about the option of having a collaborative divorce instead of pursuing litigation. A traditional divorce involves a particular degree of acrimony as spouses are set against each other. This also often includes a long and expensive process. Your Austin divorce attorney might be able to advise you if a…

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