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Austin Family Law Lawyer Lists 10 Common Divorce Mistakes

There are many mistakes spouses can make during a divorce, and an Austin family law lawyer may be able to point some of them out. However, there are some major mistakes you should be especially careful of if you are in the process of a divorce or planning to file. From preparing in secret to…

Austin Divorce Attorneys Discuss Mistakes about Leaving the Marriage

In today’s world, Austin divorce attorneys know many divorces start with heated and emotional issues. Ninety-five percent of most┬ádivorce cases end in a settlement. But only some actually go on to a trial. Once both sides of the divorce can start to detach from their negative feelings about the split, the quicker the movement towards…

Austin Divorce Lawyers Discuss Retirement Plan Value

While many spouses may fight over who should get to keep the marital home in the belief that this is their most valuable asset, Austin divorce lawyers can explain that this often is not the case. Instead, retirement plans are often the most valuable asset. Early Retirement and Penalties One of the considerations that divorcing…

An Austin Family Lawyer Discusses a Judge’s Decision Regarding Custody

If possible, it is most often preferable to carve out an agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse when it comes to child custody matters. If you are able to agree, the court will almost certainly approve. If you are unable, however, to reach a meeting of the minds, the court will make the decision for you,…

Can I Have My Marriage Annulled?

A marriage annulment can be a difficult legal ruling to obtain without an Austin divorce attorney demonstrating to the court that the marriage never actually happened. Understanding the problems with an annulment also means under standing how the state views legal marriages. Many marriages are entered into by the couple because of religious reasons, but…

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