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How Austin Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Decide Whether to Sell Your Home

If you are going through a divorce and looking for a way to divide your assets, Austin divorce lawyers may be able to help. Valuing and allocating a house after divorce is one of the most difficult aspects of the asset division process. In most cases, a home is the most valuable asset you and…

Want to Change a Child Support Order? Our Austin Divorce Lawyers Can Help You

There comes a time when an existing child support order may need to be modified. There are set guidelines on qualifications to modify a child support agreement, and knowing the rules can help make the process simpler. What Qualifies for a Child Support Reduction Texas law recognizes that there comes a time when child support orders…

Advice from Austin Divorce Lawyers on Handling a Deposition

When your marriage ends, you might ask our Austin divorce lawyers about how to handle a deposition. You and your spouse might both need to give statements; our team will take your spouse’s information while opposing counsel will handle your case. What Happens During a Deposition While a deposition is less formal than an actual…

Austin Divorce Attorneys Offer Financial Checklist

Our Austin divorce attorneys can explain that dissolving a marriage involves many steps in separating the financial aspects of two people’s lives from each other. They may offer a checklist of how spouses should complete this process. Open a Separate Account Austin divorce attorneys may recommend that their client open up a separate checking account.…

Austin Family Law Lawyer Provides Divorce Tips

As an Austin family law lawyer, it is easy to understand that a divorce is a very emotional and stressful time for all parties involved. However, through experience, there are some things that seem to make the process more difficult. Understanding some of these common occurrences in a divorce and preventing them may allow you…

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