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An Austin Family Law Lawyer on Child Contact Schedules

As a parent, how you behave and parent will have a major impact on how well your child develops. This is more so the case when the family is re-establishing itself after a divorce. Your child now will have two homes to adjust to, and you and your ex-spouse should work in conjunction to make the transition…

How Austin Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Deal with Alimony Payments

If you find yourself in the often long and complicated process of going through a divorce, our Austin divorce lawyers may be able to provide you with the representation you deserve. Spousal maintenance payments, also known a spousal support, are often high and can impose a substantial burden on your income. If you earn more money than your spouse, it…

Our Austin Divorce Lawyers Can Help Prepare for Custody

Custody is a lay term that refers to which parent will more possession and access of the child.  In Texas, the legal term for custody is conservatorship.  If you are preparing for a child custody evaluation, also sometimes called a social study in Texas, our Austin divorce lawyers may be able to help you ensure your child or children…

Our Austin Divorce Lawyers Discuss Divorce Dos and Don’ts

If you are considering a divorce and have questions about the process, our Austin divorce lawyers may be able to help you. Even under the best circumstances, emotions can run high in a divorce, causing the decisions that need to be made to be even more stressful. It is natural to make emotional decisions during…

Advice from Our Austin Divorce Lawyers on Handling the Emotional Issues of a Divorce

Your Austin divorce lawyers will tell you that there are emotional factors in a divorce that can and will affect you. It is important to take certain steps to get and keep your life on the right track. Our Austin Divorce Attorneys Will Give Useful Advice Adhering to the following advice from our Austin divorce…

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