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Your Austin Family Lawyer Can Help You Deal With an Emotional Divorce

Divorces are emotional experiences, as our Family Law Attorney Austin can tell you. Regardless of how contentious or amicable the break-up, ending a relationship causes all parties involved to swing through many ranges of emotions. Though normal, these feelings can cause problems in legal proceedings. The lawyers need know all of the relevant facts and information in…

What Makes Gray Divorce Different from Other Divorces?

Our experienced divorce lawyer in Austin can help you with the special considerations that tend to come up in connection with a divorce that occurs later in life. If you have been married for more than 20 years and are considering a divorce, then you need the services of an Austin family law attorney to guide you through the…

Our Austin Family Lawyer Discusses Alimony Before Divorce

How Austin Family Lawyer helps If a divorce is looming on the horizon, you might have to face the reality of spousal support or spousal maintenance payments, something your Austin family law lawyer will be able to help you understand.  Spousal support and spousal maintenance payments are more commonly known as alimony. Although these payments are common in the…

A Family Law Austin TX Lawyer Discusses the Hierarchy of Needs

The emotional stress experienced during a divorce can be overwhelming in the best of circumstances. When financial pressures are added to the mix, this can be a recipe for disaster. If there’s simply not sufficient money to cover all expenses, it is important to think clearly and prioritize by establishing a hierarchy of needs. 1. People Come First…

Austin Family Law Attorney Discusses Creating a Budget During a Divorce

Being aware of your finances is essential when you are going through a divorce. Setting up a budget enables you to accurately assess all sources of income, assets, and outstanding debts. Dealing with the financial aspect of a divorce can become quite complicated, but a knowledgeable Austin family law attorney will be able to guide you through…

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