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Austin child support lawyer Discusses Issues in Collecting Back Due Child Support

If your spouse was ordered to pay child support after a divorce, collecting it can present special issues. An Austin child support lawyer can explain a variety of legal options available to you. Basic Enforcement of a Child Support Order As your Austin child support lawyer can explain, when a child support order is signed…

An Austin Domestic Abuse Lawyer Answers Tough Questions About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many forms. As an Austin domestic abuse lawyer can explain, in most cases the root motivation for the abuser is control over the victim. Understanding the Causes of Domestic Violence Abusers often wish to control the activities, behavior, and even the thoughts of their victims. As an Austin domestic abuse lawyer…

Austin TX Family Law Attorney Discusses Equity in Divorce

Our Austin Texas family law attorney knows that arriving at an equitable divorce settlement can be a difficult and emotional task for the divorcing parties. Finances are a central part of all marriages and dissolution of the marriage also means a division of acquired property. Regardless of the situation involved in the divorce, our Austin, Texas family law…

Austin Divorce Lawyers Discuss Different Retirement Issues

Dividing marital assets is one of the hardest parts of the divorce proceeding. Tempers can become quite heated as each party is trying to determine what is theirs and what needs to share with their former spouse. This becomes even more difficult when the division is concerning retirement benefits. Loans Against Retirement Plan In companies that…

Our Family Law Attorney Austin TX Offers Tips for a Difficult Divorce

Divorce often leads to a grieving process, and our Austin family law attorney can help you to deal with it. Understanding Grieving That Comes with a Divorce Through interacting with people going through divorce on an almost daily basis, our Austin family law attorney knows that divorce can be one of the hardest things a person goes though. Grief is part…

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