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Helping a Child Cope with Divorce

When a couple divorces, they should focus on the needs of their children. While basic children’s necessities including shelter, clothing and food must be maintained, their emotional need for love and reassurance will only increase. They should be repeatedly told they are loved and creatively shown love as well. However, they do not need information…

Parenting Schedules for Children Younger than Two

According to an Austin family attorney, children under the age of two have special emotional needs during a divorce. They need to create a secure emotional connection with their caregiver, usually a parent. The person will need to demonstrate stability, response to their needs and consistency. After the age of two months, a baby will…

Nunis & Associates: An Austin Family Law Firm

No legal matters impact an individual’s life greater than family law issues. As emotionally devastating as such a time can be, you need to have a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities during a separation or divorce. An Austin family law firm can help. Separation vs. Divorce Unlike many states, Texas does not have…

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