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Parental Behavior During Divorce

How parents behave has a significant impact on how emotionally adjusted their children will be after divorce. It is important for children to maintain contact with both parents after divorce. Here are some guidelines from Austin divorce attorneys to help you to achieve consistent and continuing contact between both parents and the children. The Children…

Initial Divorce To-Do’s

There are numerous financial and practical items to consider when you are getting a divorce. Your Austin divorce attorney may suggest the following to-do list of things you will need to address when you are beginning the divorce process.

Understanding How to Keep Conflict to a Minimum in a Divorce

When involved in a divorce, keeping conflict to a minimum is an important part of trying to settle the case amicably and move on. A seasoned Austin divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Nunis & Associates explains how. Alter the Communication Tactics If you’re getting divorced, it’s clear that the previous methods didn’t work. Trying something different…

Problems with Shared-Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is an order from a family court that addresses how children will be raised when a marriage ends. They can be simple or complex and cover a single issue or many topics. However, our Austin family attorneys have found that court-ordered parenting plans often are not effective because too many unforeseeable issues…

Part 2: Ways to Reduce Conflict

Our Austin family attorneys regularly suggest these additional tips for clients going through a divorce as they try to resolve conflict. 8. Accept responsibility for your part of the problem and tell your partner you want to seek a solution. “I have made this problem worse, and I want to fix it.” 9. Mirror your…

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