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Minimizing Conflict and Emotion

How can a divorce not be emotional? Even if you’re certain it’s the proper step, it’s also a time of loss and grieving, especially if children are involved. Emotion, as natural and necessary as it is as a step in moving on and creating a new life, can be a great hindrance if it serves…

Hidden Assets in a Divorce

Dividing assets in a divorce, especially in high net worth cases, can prove contentious under the most amicable circumstances. This becomes exponentially magnified when one party has reasons to suspect the other is attempting to hide assets. Austin divorce lawyers can provide guidance in the steps to take to protect one’s interests. Basic Considerations All…

Weathering the Chaos of a Divorce

When a couple divorces, chaos often ensues. In many cases, both parties will experience drastic changes in lifestyle. One or both of you will need to find a new place to live. In addition, you and your ex may change other aspects of your life such as your social relationships, parenting style and self-perception. Your…

Collaborative Divorce

Should you go to court, or work out your differences through a collaborative divorce? Collaborative divorce can be a less expensive and less emotional option for many couples. If you have questions about the process of ending your marriage, talk to our Austin divorce attorney for answers.

Austin Family Attorneys Examine the Role of Secured Liabilities and Joint Debt for Divorced Couples

In this article, Austin family attorneys take a comprehensive look at the role of secured debts shared by couples who are undergoing a divorce. What Secured Liability Is Essentially, a secured liability is a debt that has something pledged to it as collateral. If you borrow money to buy a car, the debt is secured…

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