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What to Do in an Austin Child Custody Case

Austin Child Custody Cases: What You Need to Do How you handle yourself in a custody case is an essential part of custody negotiations and litigation.  While no parent is perfect and no one is expecting you to be, handling yourself well during custody negotiations and litigation can make a big difference in the outcome…

Financial Planning in an Austin Divorce

How assets will be divided and your finances handled are not always the first thing that people think of when divorcing.  Many family law clients are so wrapped up in their emotions when deciding to divorce that they have not thought about their financial planning in a divorce and what they are entitled to in…

How to Create a Parenting Plan

Many parents consider parenting and their children’s well-being to be their utmost priority.  A child’s health, emotional wellness, education, and future are all of paramount importance to a parent.  When a divorce occurs and a family unit is divided, many parents wonder how co-parenting in a two-parent household will work and how their children will…

How Austin Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Decide Whether to Sell Your Home

If you are going through a divorce and looking for a way to divide your assets, Austin divorce lawyers may be able to help. Valuing and allocating a house after divorce is one of the most difficult aspects of the asset division process. In most cases, a home is the most valuable asset you and…

FAM 30A Blog – Money – Stock Ownership Plans, Deferred Payment Plans

Divorce Attorneys In Austin Explain How Equities And Retirement Accounts Are Evaluated In Divorce In this article, divorce attorneys in Austin examine how deferred retirement accounts, stock options and the like are treated in the division of the marital estate. Where Stocks Fit In Stock options, stock ownership plans and other forms of compensation offered…

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