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What Makes Gray Divorce Different from Other Divorces?

Austin family lawyerOur experienced divorce lawyer in Austin can help you with the special considerations that tend to come up in connection with a divorce that occurs later in life. If you have been married for more than 20 years and are considering a divorce, then you need the services of an Austin family law attorney to guide you through the process.

Dividing Assets and Liabilities

A divorce is disruptive, and it can be particularly so the longer you have been married. Most of the time, couples who are seeking a divorce later in life have been married for many years, perhaps even several decades. This can make it difficult to figure out how to divide assets and liabilities and how to handle other considerations.

Child Support and Grandparent’s Rights

Unlike divorces between younger couples, late divorces often do not involve minors. Still, this is not always the case if the couple had a child later in life or if they serve as guardians for grandchildren. A couple who has a minor child or that is providing ongoing care for a developmentally disabled child may need to take these financial considerations to an Austin family lawyer. Similarly, a family law attorney can sort out who will take on responsibilities when the couple has guardianship of a minor grandchild.

Retirement Accounts

Special consideration must also be given to retirement accounts. This nest egg, which is usually much smaller when a younger couple gets divorced, is probably the couple’s most valuable asset as they go through divorce. Retirement savings that once seemed sufficient can seem woefully inadequate when it is divided in half. It’s important to consult with an Austin family law attorney about retirement account division. One or both parties may end up working beyond their projected retirement age in order to make up for this shortfall, and your divorce attorney can provide valuable guidance and advice.

Spousal Maintenance

If the parties have been married for more than ten years, one party will likely be ordered to pay spousal maintenance to the other. This often occurs because one spouse was the main breadwinner while the other may have stayed at home to raise children. Because one spouse has been out of the workforce for many years, they may not have the experience and education that are necessary to obtaining a good-paying job. Nonetheless, Austin courts recognize the important contribution that this spouse made to the household. This means that the spouse will probably be awarded spousal maintenance, but it will be limited to the shortest reasonable time necessary for the party to support themselves. Our divorce lawyer in Austin can help you navigate this complex area of divorce.

Keeping the House

If one spouse plans to keep the marital home, it’s important to recognize that the other spouse will likely receive other community property that has a similar value. Texas courts generally aim at an equitable division, and your divorce lawyer can help you understand this process.

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