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Your Austin Family Lawyer Can Help You Deal With an Emotional Divorce

family law attorney austinDivorces are emotional experiences, as our Family Law Attorney Austin can tell you. Regardless of how contentious or amicable the break-up, ending a relationship causes all parties involved to swing through many ranges of emotions. Though normal, these feelings can cause problems in legal proceedings. The lawyers need know all of the relevant facts and information in order to finalize a settlement. However, one or both of the estranged spouses could, at some time, hamper negotiation with latent emotions that come to the surface. To help you better handle the stress of a divorce, following is a discussion of the two most prevalent emotional swings experienced by divorce litigants.


Losing someone you obviously love or loved will cause you some degree of grief. At some point, you will come to the realization that your life with that person is almost at its conclusion. The divorce settlement, negotiated by your Austin family lawyer, will bring closure to the marriage. It is not uncommon for people to be overwhelmed by a sense of loss. The main thing is to accept that everyone experiences grief during a divorce, only at different stages. Your Austin family lawyer may suggest that you open up about your feelings and complete the legal process to get some closure during this trying time in your life. If left unacknowledged, grief can result in debilitating depression.


In divorces, anger is perhaps even more prevalent than grief. Separating spouses usually possess a degree of animosity towards each other. You may also be angry towards the opposing legal counsel. Your own attorney will want to discuss both of these possibilities with you to find a way to work around them. It is the nature of divorce, in which all involved may feel unable to control the situation, that causes anger. The best thing to do is consult with your attorney about this anger. Talking about emotions proves better, in most instances, than ignoring them. Releasing anger before going into the negotiation room is always advised by divorce attorneys.

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