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An Austin Family Law Lawyer on Child Contact Schedules

Austin Family Law LawyerAs a parent, how you behave and parent will have a major impact on how well your child develops. This is more so the case when the family is re-establishing itself after a divorce. Your child now will have two homes to adjust to, and you and your ex-spouse should work in conjunction to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Geographical Proximity

If at all possible, the two homes should be located in the same vicinity and ideally in the same school district. This allows for less time and effort in transporting the child back and forth between the two households and less disruption in daily life. However, even in the best case scenario, an Austin child custody attorney will caution that it is imperative to embrace the idea that this will be new territory for all involved.

Allow for Time to Adjust

Each child has his or her own temperament and will adjust to the new life accordingly. In fact, if you know your child is one that doesn’t adapt well to change, that may be a factor in whether you seek an equal custody arrangement or consider some other option.

Establish a Schedule and Stick to It

Setting up a routine that works is the first step in creating new memories. Your Austin family law lawyer will advise that you let your child know by your actions that he or she can count on you. Yes, you are adjusting to a new life as well, but make it a priority to put the needs of your child first. Do all that you can to avoid disappointing your child by cancelling or rescheduling a visit.  This will also provide a new form a stability in your child’s life.

Maintain an Amicable Relationship with Your Co-Parent

Too often, an Austin child custody attorney sees the anger and resentment between a divorcing couple fester and seriously damage the relationship each parent has with their child. The two of you have a lifetime commitment as the parents of your child, and the optimal health and well-being of that child is promoted by a cordial relationship between the parents. Keep lines of communication open, encourage a close relationship between your child and your ex, and work together in the best interests of your child.

Contact an Austin Family Law Lawyer for Legal Advice

The legal issues involved in marital dissolution are important as you enter the next phase of your life, but experienced counsel understands the emotional stress the parties are undergoing as well. For a comprehensive analysis of your situation and to explore the options you may have, call Nunis & Associates for an Austin family law lawyer at (512) 236-9696.

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