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Austin Family Law Lawyer Lists 10 Common Divorce Mistakes

Austin Family Law Lawyer  Couple fightingThere are many mistakes spouses can make during a divorce, and an Austin family law lawyer may be able to point some of them out. However, there are some major mistakes you should be especially careful of if you are in the process of a divorce or planning to file. From preparing in secret to continuing to fight, be on the lookout for these potential problems.

Preparing in Secret and Not Discussing Divorce in Advance

Stealthily gathering records may do serious damage to your spouse’s trust in you. Your spouse will eventually learn what you did. At the same time, failing to be direct about your desire for divorce also complicates matters and may lead your spouse to want his or her Austin family law attorney to go over every detail.

Making Nasty Comments and Admitting Past Sins

While these two mistakes are quite different, they both make the divorce more personal. Making rude or aggressive comments makes the path to agreement more difficult, especially if you have children. Admitting to betrayals and mistakes may also result in angering your spouse.

Mishandling Finances

Negotiations will be made more difficult if you withdraw too much money or make inappropriate charges. If you have to withdraw, only take half. Hoarding financial information by refusing to share that data will only increase your accounting and legal fees. Judges will not hesitate to punish a spouse who conceals financial information.

Jealousy and Dating

If you begin a new relationship before your divorce is finalized, do not be surprised if your spouse is jealous. Jealousy is likely even if the relationship is a casual one. Remember that you are still bound by marriage to your spouse.

Being Difficult and Continuing to Fight

If you make it difficult to reach settlement by being difficult, you will only succeed in rising the legal bills of both you and your spouse. By continuing to fight, emotional stress is heightened, especially when children are involved. This can be emotionally painful for the children and costly for the parents.

Contact an Austin Family Law Lawyer

If you are filing for divorce, contact Nunis & Associates at (512) 236-9696 for a consultation. A lawyer may be able to help you by making sure paperwork is clear and negotiations are fair. As you go through the divorce, an Austin family law lawyer may help you avoid mistakes so the process goes as smoothly as possible.


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