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Our Austin Divorce Lawyers Discuss Divorce and Retirement Accounts

Law Symbols gavel balance books Austin Divorce LawyersAustin divorce lawyers can explain that expert witnesses are sometimes needed to help evaluate the value of a pension or other retirement account. Additionally, such individuals may provide an opinion giving a variety of alternatives, such as how much the account will be valued at given different retirement ages.

Necessary Information

In order to get an accurate estimate of the value of such a plan, Austin divorce lawyers will recommend that you provide the valuator with necessary information. This usually includes the date of your marriage, date of your separation, current value of the plan, and any factors that impact its value. Additionally, you may be required to sign a release form that allows the pension plan administrator to give the valuator additional information about the plan. Austin divorce lawyers may explain that other information that can impact the expert’s opinion about the value of the asset includes your date of birth, race, sex, employment date, date the plan is evaluated, date the employment relationship was terminated, your monthly pension benefit, and the typical retirement age. Lastly, the valuator may need the need discount rate of the plan.


Divorce lawyers can explain that the valuation date can have a significant and direct impact on the value that the valuator derives from the plan. For this reason, the parties may agree to the valuation date. This may be the date of separation. Austin divorce lawyers can explain whether there are any statutes that establish the valuation date of the marital estate or the pension specifically. Additionally, a court order can stipulate when the date for such valuation should be.

Legal Assistance from Austin Divorce Lawyers

If you would like more information about the valuation of the marital estate or the valuation of pension or retirement plans specifically, contact Austin divorce lawyers from Nunis & Associates at your convenience by calling (512) 236-9696.



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