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Our Austin Divorce Lawyers Can Help Prepare for Custody

Austin Divorce LawyersCustody is a lay term that refers to which parent will more possession and access of the child.  In Texas, the legal term for custody is conservatorship.  If you are preparing for a child custody evaluation, also sometimes called a social study in Texas, our Austin divorce lawyers may be able to help you ensure your child or children will have their best interests considered. Our divorce lawyers in Austin can help you deal with child custody outside of court, where the judge would be in charge of determining what happens to your children. In many divorce cases, the two parties initially dispute custody of the children. Fortunately, in most cases these disputes are generally resolved through counsel and the Court using the mediation process. In other cases, the judiciary often employs other tools to try to move the two parties toward a settlement.  This sometimes means that, at the request of one or both parties or on its own initiative, the Court will appoint a psychological professional to conduct and oversee a thorough evaluation of the parties and all children who are still minors.

Psychological Evaluations

However, many judges end up taking the position that a psychological evaluation is unnecessary in cases where custody is at issue. The Court will ask a psychological professional for his or her help in making more difficult decisions. The parties also have the right to ask for a child custody evaluation by a psychological professional to enhance their own cases for why the other party should not have custody of the children. The outcome of a child custody evaluation is important. As custody litigation is so expensive, parties facing an adverse recommendation from the professional who conducted the psychological evaluation often attempt to agree on custody terms instead of dragging the case out to a trial. However, in some cases, both parties will still refuse to budge.

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