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Advice from Our Austin Divorce Lawyers on Handling the Emotional Issues of a Divorce

Austin Divorce LawyersYour Austin divorce lawyers will tell you that there are emotional factors in a divorce that can and will affect you. It is important to take certain steps to get and keep your life on the right track.

Our Austin Divorce Attorneys Will Give Useful Advice

Adhering to the following advice from our Austin divorce attorneys can help with the emotional issues of a divorce:

Allow yourself time to recover.

Since you are facing a great deal of changes, you should give yourself some time to recover. Being told to “get over it” is not good advice. Most people take approximately one year to get over the divorce. Some take more time. If you are unable to do your job or be an effective parent, it might be time to seek help.

Do not place your job in jeopardy.

Your job becomes a bigger part of your life and it is important to protect it. Tell your employer what you are going through and make sure to make up any work you might have missed. If you do not like your job, that could be a response to the divorce. After a year has passed and you still dislike your job, start looking for a new job systematically. Give all the required notice and make sure all bridges are intact as you depart.

Avoid personal relationships for a minimum of one year.

You will be vulnerable in the year after your divorce. You will also be trying to grow accustomed to your new situation. After a year has passed, you might be a completely different person. The chances are that you will not be able to maintain a relationship with a person you became involved with during the course of that year.

Stay in contact with and lean on your friends.

You might have friends who feel uncomfortable with you after the end of your marriage. Some might not support your decision. If you decide to take advice, make sure it is from someone who knows the whole story and has your interests in mind. If your friends are the same sex as you, that can be a positive. Friends of the opposite sex can make things complicated.

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