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Can I Have My Marriage Annulled?

Mature man toying with gold wedding ring on finger Austin Divorce AttorneyA marriage annulment can be a difficult legal ruling to obtain without an Austin divorce attorney demonstrating to the court that the marriage never actually happened. Understanding the problems with an annulment also means under standing how the state views legal marriages. Many marriages are entered into by the couple because of religious reasons, but the state only views a marriage in legalities. A marriage license is essentially the legal right to have “legitimate” children who are born under the legal protection of their parents, who will then be responsible for support of the children until they reach adulthood. In many ways, a marriage is the equivalent of a legal contract between the marrying parties that an Austin divorce attorney must prove was never fulfilled.

Grounds for an Invalid Marriage

A marriage annulment is only issued by the court when certain conditions have been reasonably argued by the Austin divorce attorney plaintiff counsel regarding the consummation of the marriage. Marriages that occur under duress are effectively unlawful coercion. However, the claim is still a civil tort action unless some form of abuse can be proven in court, such as domestic violence. Annulments can also be granted to those who cannot consummate the marriage, or if the couple wishes to dissolve the marriage on religious grounds.

Continuing Responsibilities

Even when an annulment is granted, there still may be legal responsibilities associated with the legal union. Minor dependent children must still be supported in accordance with the court determinations, and the legal rulings have no impact on any particular religious request from a church organization. The two forms of annulment are not connected in any way, with the possible exception that the church can accept the request and grant an annulment based on internal religious issues. The court is the state order. The church is an individual religious organization observance.

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